Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day 2 (evening): drama opens door to debate

Tonight we invited the girls from Camp Glow to a Rafiki Theatre production about domestic violence. The boys were super excited to host the event. They busied themselves hauling additional chairs down from the balcony and, then, all of a sudden 150 girls showed up on the sidewalk outside assembly hall. The boys rushed to greet them. They then filed inside, found their seats, and the production started. Like earlier in the day the piece was powerful.

The oldest in their repertoire, Nyumbani is translated as 'home'. The drama focuses on the effects of domestic violence. The kids witnessed scenes of mental, physical, and psychological violence. It was emotional for everyone in the room and the kids expressed themselves vocally throughout. The talkback session provided time for the kids to express their individual feelings and begin to understand how other genders see these issues.

Throughout Camp BUILD the counselors will continue to talk to the boys about gender-based violence and why it is wrong.

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