Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day 3: Health Education Day!

HIV/AIDS- The session is opened with an interactive example of how quickly the HIV/AIDS virus can spread and morph into an energizer reinforcing that THEY, the campers, have the power to protect themselves for contracting HIV/AIDS. Information on the virus is shared and the campers learn how to protect themselves and others.

Reproductive Health- Puberty and its associated changes are discussed with the campers. They are provided information on safe sex options and the various methods of contraception. Then, campers are talked through the proper way to put on, take off, and dispose of a condom, plus they are all given the chance to practice on a model.

Water & Sanitization- Campers are taught how to construct a tippy-tap (a hand washing device made from local materials), make a pit latrine cover to protect against fly’s, and introduced to the basics of personal hygiene.

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