Thursday, 1 December 2011

an expression of love

An important part of the Camp Build experience is giving the boys an outlet to express themselves. Throughout the week, the boys will have the opportunity to work with trained professionals to develop pieces in drama, music, creative writing, and visual art. Then, at the end of the week, the boys will share their creative expressions during an evening of, well, song and dance.

One of our visiting artists is Doreen Nayebare. Her role at Camp Build is to teach drama to campers. She will be working with two other instructors to improve each boy's individual talent and prepare a dramatic piece to showcase the best of the boys' aspirations. 

Doreen credits her mother for instilling leadership skills at a young age. "My mother always told me to be confident in life and be exemplary to others." Although Doreen was born in south-central Uganda and now lives in the capital city of Kampala, she was raised with two brothers and two sisters in the west, a place she still considers home. Doreen recalls that life was very interesting and fun as a child. "I used to entertain the whole family after dinner by dancing to the music that would be playing on radio or TV. My family thought I was naughty but I know this was the basis of my career of being a dramatist." 

Doreen's journey as an artist was accelerated by attending some of the best schools and universities in Uganda and exercising her skills as a student leader. As an acting student at Makerere University in Kampala, she worked on many projects ranging from radio and TV to staged and community drama. In her final year, she worked on a theater for development project aimed at empowering pupils in both primary and secondary schools. The traveling troupe used drama to address problems faced by these students and explore possible solutions. It is this experience that drew her to working with the boys at Camp Build.

Doreen says, "I am most excited about seeing the boys change for the best -- right from the beginning to the end. And seeing the boys act is really exciting huhuuuhhuu... i cant wait…….."

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