Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day 4: exploring nature and the environment.

Today we celebrated the environment of Uganda, visiting an organic demonstration garden and a beach at Lake Victoria.

At the beach, some kids played football and volleyball while others searched for crocodiles. Unfortunately, they found only one lone dinosaur. Jason, a counselor of the Young Stars, wanted to make sure that his kids learned something among the fun they were having at the beach. Before they left, he gathered his boys and asked them to pick up trash. They took multiple trips up and down the hill, and by the second trip the other groups joined in. One of the Young Stars commented to another boy as he passed, "We are the leaders. You are all followers."

Before long, everyone was walking up the road to find the demonstration garden. Once there, kids toured alongside Peace Corps Volunteers Jesse and Drew. Experts in organic gardening and permaculture, they talked to the kids about drip irrigation, mulching, composting, and intercropping, as they walked through the demonstration gardens.

After lunch, the kids watched a bit of Planet Earth, before working on their personal projects. More on that later.

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