Monday, 5 December 2011

Day 1: Camp BUILD begins in earnest.

Day 1 has just begun and already all the staff and campers are getting into the swing of things! We have placed the 15 groups into 3 classes. In these classes we had the campers learning the following:

Goal Setting- Campers were given questions about self reflection about their skills and strengths by asking themselves basic questions: What am I good at? What interests me? This session is to teach goal setting and a plan for achieving those goals.

Team Building- Kids competed in two games: a scavenger hunt and pass the bottle. Afterward they had a discussion about leadership and what types of leadership skills are important in different situations. This helped them bond even more, which will be in important throughout the week.

Debate- Groups learned the importance of debate, fact vs. opinion and how to conduct an effective debate. The major debate discussed was the drinking age of Uganda and if it should be 18 or 16 (the current drinking age in Uganda is 18). The goal of this session is to communicate with peers and to research as much as possible in order to give support to your answer and show leadership.

Each camper and staff participated in these activities and seemed enthusiastic and relished the chance to do their part. More updates tonight!

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