Monday, 5 December 2011

from camp to camp, Swizen finds a new way to increase his impact.

Not all of the counselors at Camp BUILD are Peace Corps volunteers.  Many PCV’s have a Ugandan counselor counterpart.  Their reasons for participating in Camp BUILD vary, but Swizen was motivated to play a larger role at BUILD after participating at Peace Camp in Gulu in August.  “I saw the great things that were happening and the impact the camp was having on the youth.  When I heard about Camp BUILD I wanted to participate in a larger capacity.”  After spending less than 24hrs with his BUILD campers -'Young Stars', Swizen already feels a connection with the boys.  

Swizen is a member of Rafiki Theater, a performance group that uses dramas to educate people about domestic violence, bullying in schools, and sexual violence.  Rafiki Theater will be performing at camp on Tuesday.

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